Our History

The Arc of Butler was established in Butler County in 1954 and is a member of The Arc of the United States. It was originally known as The Association for Retarded Children (A.R.C.) and advocated for the rights of those with intellectual disabilities. Parents and advocates joined local A.R.C.’s in a grassroots movement to receive support for raising their children in the home environment and for accessing a public school education. The name evolved to The Arc. The Arc of Butler has a long and rich history of making a difference in the lives of those in Butler County with special needs.

The Arc Today

The Arc currently sponsors 15 Butler Blazers Special Olympics teams across the county that represent eight different year-round sports. They also conduct weekly Friday Fun Nights for teens and young adults; monthly Adult Night Out for adults, Circle of Friends (COF) clubs in schools where those in special education and regular education participate in fun activities together; seasonal parties for special needs school children and their Circle of Friends, non-disabled buddies; the Benson Invitational Tennis Tournament; and a learning series for parents, families, and advocates.

The Future of The Arc

The number of Special Olympics teams and socialization activities continues to grow. The Arc works to bring fun, enthusiasm, enrichment and purpose to the lives of those in Butler County with intellectual disabilities. The Arc is currently working on projects to extend programs and opportunities for those with special needs into adulthood and provide parents with after school and respite care opportunities for younger children.

Donate Now

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